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Current Publications by HLHR

Greater Parramatta
Little Bits of History by William Freame 1926     
Price : $10 + Postage
The Suburbs of Sydney - Prospect & Sherwood 1890
Price : $5 + Postage
The Great White Train Comes to Granville May 1926
Price : $5 + Postage
A Wander Through Old Parramatta
Parramatta Buildings and People 60 Years Ago - Old Faces and Structures Recalled 1933
Price : $2.50 + Postage
Wentworthville Memorial Fountain - The Kingsway, Wentworthville
Price : $5 + Postage
With photos of places of interest in the Holroyd area
Price : $2 + Postage

It's finally finished!


Our latest book has been researched and published with the express purpose of identifying the 44 Servicemen who are named on individual plaques located along Memorial Avenue, Merrylands, and also listed on memorials outside the Holroyd City Council Chambers and the Merrylands RSL Club.

94 pages of information together with black & white and colour photographs.

Price: $20 per copy + postage


We also have publications from The Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery
and The Friends of Linnwood available for purchase.
The Parramatta Cemeteries, Mays Hill (Western Rd. Cemetery)
Price : $10 + Postage
The Parramatta Cemeteries, All Saints & Wesleyan
Price : $15 + Postage
Baptists in the Cradle City
Price : $5 + Postage
Western Rd. Cemetery Mays Hill, A Brief History, Newspaper Articles 1879 - 2006
Price : $5 + Postage
Chronicles of George McCredie & "Linnwood"
Price : $10 + Postage
100 Years of Faith - The George McCredie Memorial Church 1905 - 2005
Price: $5 + Postage
Unmarked Graves in Western Rd. Cemetery, Mays Hill
Price: $15 incl. postage
*New Publications"
Supplement to Unmarked Graves in Western Rd. Cemetery, Mays Hill
Price: $15 incl. postage
Tales from the Western Road Cemetery
Price: $15
More Tales from the Western Road Cemetery
Price: $15

Please contact us for more details.

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