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Chronicles of Holroyd

We thought we would give you a few more items of interest to read through..................

Articles taken from local newspapers

Guildford Sation circa 1915
Photo Courtesy Guildford Road Project


Train Service

The alteration in the train time-table service has caused a great amount of grumbling here, as well as much inconvenience to the travelling public. It is to be hoped that the meeting held at Fairfield will influence the Commissioners to try and suit those that have occasion to use the trains to carry them to and from business daily.



A brick cottage is being erected for Mr. S. Hall, at Park Road, Merrylands ; another weatherboard cottage for Mr. Wisken on the Jersey Estate.

Several allotments are being prepared for building on, near the residence of Mr. Burgoyne.



Our popular Mayor (Mr. G. McCredie) is having a cricket oval, with concrete wicket, prepared on his spacious grounds, Linnwood, Guildford, for the Guildford C.C., which club holds its annual meeting on Thursday.

Weekly Advance 12th August 1892.


Good News

After a long spell the Sherwood Brick and Tile Works again started operations last Monday. Many of the old hands are being employed again. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a busy future for the old Sherwood Brick and Tile Works.


Our New J.P.

Mr. Geo. McCredie, Mayor of Prospect and Sherwood, has been created a J.P., and he has the hearty congratulations of one and all the Sherwoodites. Their sentiments are that he well deserves all the good than can be said of and done for him, and will prove more than worthy of such a distinction.



A concert was held in the Sherwood Hall last Saturday evening, in aid of the widows and orphans of the late Mr. G. Raby, and was well patronised. Many residents, however, contented themselves by simply handing to the secretary or ticket-sellers the price of tickets and not accepting the ticket, so as to help to augment the proceeds.

Weekly Advance 14th October 1892


Public School

The members of the District School Board would do well to visit Goughtown Public School, and see for themselves the crowded state of the school. Next, they might exert themselves for the benefit of the scholars, or matters will become very unpleasant and injurious to the health of the children during the ensuing warm weather.



Snakes are very numerous in parts of our district. During the very hot days of last week six of these unwelcome visitors were killed by one person near the Guildford station. Two were killed in Loftus Park, and Mr. Colquhoun killed one of the vermin on his verandah. Parents should warn their children.


A Reserve for Sherwood

The “Lawson Park” in Goughtown will soon be dedicated to the Council ; or to trustees appointed. It is nicely situated between Park road and the Public school, in the centre of the Goughtown Estate, and handy to Merrylands station.


District Water Supply

A meeting under the presidency of Mr. G. McCredie is billed for next Tuesday evening, at the Sherwood Hall, for the purpose of agitating for a water supply for the district. If the residents co-operate well, there should be little difficulty in obtaining the desired result.

Weekly Advance 4th November 1892

Water Supply

A meeting of residents (Mr. G. McCredie, Mayor of Prospect and Sherwood presiding) was held in the Sherwood hall on Tuesday evening. It was well attended. It was decided to petition the Water and Sewerage Board asking them to lay water-mains to Sherwood, and Mr. McCredie was requested to present the petition. In the event of the Board sending an officer to report on the request, Mr. McCredie has consented to accompany the officer and to assist otherwise to obtain the much-needed water supply for Sherwood.


Single Tax

Mr. W. E. Johnson delivered a very intersting lecture on Single Tax at the Sherwood hall on Thursday evening, and was listened to with great attention.



The first match played on McCredie’s oval came off on Wednesday between the Guildford C.. and the North Sydney Belmore C.C. ‘B’ team, and resulted in a win for the Guildford C.C. on the first innings. Play was unfortunately stopped by the rain during the second innings of the visiting team. The scores were : Guildford, 66 and 58 : North Sydney, 51 and four wickets for 38. After the cricket match was over, Mr. McCredie and Mr. E. M. Clark, M.L.A., made a few remarks on behalf of the respective clubs. There was a large muster of spectators among whom were Aldermen Paton and Spears, Mrs. Spears, Mr. E.M. Clark, M.L.A., Messrs. Higgs, Lowe, Purdue, Rev. J. O’Conor, Mrs. Gurney, Miss Barber, Mrs. And Miss Burrell, Mrs. Gleadall, Mrs. Oakes, Mrs. Purdue, Mrs. McCall, and others.

Weekly Advance 11th November, 1892

All articles reproduced as written in newspapers of the day.

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